How to list running screen sessions created by all users in Linux

How to extract the routes from video files to my google maps

Before we need to extract GPS coordinates from video files at first.

How to prettify bash output for Git on unix (oh-my-bash)

For this we need to install next open-source package:

How to prepare deploy key for GitHub on Linux

How to manage multiple GitHub accounts using git on Windows and fix git push with wrong user name

Sometimes it happen when we have to use multiple GitHub accounts on a single machine, but it quite tricky to handle in a proper way. Let me describe full steps including some issues I’ve faced and its fixes.

How to bind custom actions on folder via context menu on Windows

This is handy if someone wants to bind some software (or even link) without installing it..

Git – team dev workflow – sticky notes

How to avoid or fix the issue in Laravel 8 when the Faker image returns False

Mostly, on local environment, while trying to populate images in Laravel using Faker you might face an issue, when faker returns false every time.

How to generate Public Key from existing RSA Private Key

For the general cases, use: And for the SSH connections, use next: @source:

How to fix server load caused by many CLOSE_WAIT connections on CentOS Linux

Sometimes, you might face a problem when you have a huge load on a server caused by an opened TCP connections which stay for a long time. Actually it happens when the application does not send proper close signal to the opened socket connection. It might be faulty issue or made intentionally.