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How install & configure Squid Proxy Server on CentOS

Install To install Squid Proxy Server use next commands:

How to run Python web apps on CentOS using mod_wsgi for apache

How to fix server load caused by many CLOSE_WAIT connections on CentOS Linux

Sometimes, you might face a problem when you have a huge load on a server caused by an opened TCP connections which stay for a long time. Actually it happens when the application does not send proper close signal to the opened socket connection. It might be faulty issue or made intentionally.

How to install Git v2.* on CentOS 7

How to fix Nginx service start error `(99: Cannot assign requested address)` on CentOS – Conflict with IPv6

Sometimes it might happens that, when you try to start Nginx on CentOS there might be an error such as:

How to install Tesseract from git source on CentOS 7 avoiding the error “configure: error: Leptonica 1.74 or higher is required.”

As you might know, from epel repository on CentOS 7 user is able to install tesseract 3.0.4 which also automatically installs leptonica 1.72. And if you want to install the higher or the latest version of tesseract you’ve to install both of them from source.

How to install ImageMagick for CentOS 7

At first, some prerequisite packages must be install before compiling the related php extension:

How to prepare any program for running in a background as a service on CentOS

In this post we will discuss how to use supervisor system built with python.

How to sync time on CentOS

Install Network Time Service (ntp) & ntpdate clients: