How to install & use multiple versions of PHP on Windows

Actually, this is a super easy.

How to check Linux version / distribution

There are several CLI commands to get the OS Linux info:

How to install ImageMagick for CentOS 7

At first, some prerequisite packages must be install before compiling the related php extension:

How to prepare SMTP mail data for SendGrid & Mailgun webhooks proper handling in Laravel

Webhook is a HTTP web callback API, where the app will get notifications regarding some actions. As we are speaking SendGrid & Mailgun, webhook requests inform a web app of the email delivery status or some other actions (eg. email delivered, email opened, link opened, etc.)

How to remove users list from sitemap in WordPress (the right way)

As you might know in WordPress, under https://yourdomain/sitemap.xml all users are exported through the dedicated xml url, list like so:

How to solve “Invalid SMTPAPI Header” received from SendGrid

When you are sending an email via SendGrid SMTP service, you might face the error like mentioned above:

How to split media file into several parts and then merge them using Windows batch scripting

At first, we need ffmpeg package which could be downloaded from here:

How to prepare any program for running in a background as a service on CentOS

In this post we will discuss how to use supervisor system built with python.

How to cut media file based on start and end time using ffmpeg

How to fix “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem” in Laravel while using third party services

Sometimes, while working on development environment in Laravel project, we might face with the error like: