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How to avoid or fix the issue in Laravel 8 when the Faker image returns False

Mostly, on local environment, while trying to populate images in Laravel using Faker you might face an issue, when faker returns false every time.

How to use different markdown template layout for another Mailable in Laravel

Sometime happen that we need absolutely different layouts for newsletters and subscription email and at the same time use the Laravel’s built-in markdown templating.

How to sanitize/escape raw SQL query in Laravel

How to get previous week’s first day with Carbon in Laravel

Actually, it’s very easy using the carbon: The same is with current week’s first day:

How to get email message id within Mailable in Laravel

Laravel Mailables gives us a huge advantage for sending Markdown template messages.

Issue with raw sql queries having named bindings with multiple occurrences in Laravel

Some times we need write a really complex sql queries. Fortunately Laravel gives us such possibility:

How to prepare SMTP mail data for SendGrid & Mailgun webhooks proper handling in Laravel

Webhook is a HTTP web callback API, where the app will get notifications regarding some actions. As we are speaking SendGrid & Mailgun, webhook requests inform a web app of the email delivery status or some other actions (eg. email delivered, email opened, link opened, etc.)

How to solve “Invalid SMTPAPI Header” received from SendGrid

When you are sending an email via SendGrid SMTP service, you might face the error like mentioned above:

How to fix “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem” in Laravel while using third party services

Sometimes, while working on development environment in Laravel project, we might face with the error like: