How to extract the routes from video files to my google maps

Before we need to extract GPS coordinates from video files at first.

For this wee need a tool exiftool and some helper file for extracting the GPS data in a specific output format.

Download the proper tool for your platform from

Download the template from…/gpx.fmt, let’s assume we named it with gpx.fmt.pattern

Also, let’s assume that video file extensions are: .mp4

// extract GPS locations per each video file from current directory

$ exiftool -p gpx.fmt.pattern -ee -ext mp4 -w "output\\%f.gpx" .

Now we will get a bunch of *.gpx files under output directory.


1. Go to my maps on google maps service;

2. Create a new map;

3. Add a new layer;

4. import newly generated \output\*.gpx files by clicking import button under the just created layer;

5. Finally, you’ll see the full route on the map.


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