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How to fix SSL problem in old macOS

Rename /etc/ssl/cert.pem to something else.

How to Wake-On-LAN / Wake-On-WAN on ubuntu

Pepare Install required tool: Get ethernet interface Let’s assume it’s enp1s0 Check if the WOL is available: Set WOL on: After sudo ethtool enp1s0 the Wake-on: d should be changed to Wake-on: g But this will be reset after reboot, so: Make it permanent via service Get the ethtool executable’s full path by running which […]

How to use Git Submodule (Repository within a Repository)

In some projects we might need to have one or more third party libraries/packages or even our external reusable package(s) from a different repository.

How install & configure Squid Proxy Server on CentOS

Install To install Squid Proxy Server use next commands:

How to remove a file from Git history but keep it in a project

Sometime happen that we forget properly configure .gitignore file and keep tracking some file with sensitive data.

How to create your own Stream Recording Server and make a loop recording of your IP Camera (Full instruction)

If you’ve an IP Camera (or cameras) and want to loop record the stream it provides, or record a snapshot images at some intervals, or just both, then you’ve come to the right place!

How to prepare a new HDD on Linux in exFAT file system type (create partition, format it and mount disk permanently) – Full instruction

How to list running screen sessions created by all users in Linux

How to extract the routes from video files to my google maps

Before we need to extract GPS coordinates from video files at first.

How to prettify bash output for Git on unix (oh-my-bash)

For this we need to install next open-source package: