How to PIN custom app on Windows 10

As you might know, on Windows 10 there are no way to pin any app or link to start by default as it was before on Windows 7

How to install Git v2.* on CentOS 7

How to fix Nginx service start error `(99: Cannot assign requested address)` on CentOS – Conflict with IPv6

Sometimes it might happens that, when you try to start Nginx on CentOS there might be an error such as:

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Sometimes, for a quick and very small project development we need a secure localhost connection.

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Actually, it’s very easy using the carbon: The same is with current week’s first day:

How to install Tesseract from git source on CentOS 7 avoiding the error “configure: error: Leptonica 1.74 or higher is required.”

As you might know, from epel repository on CentOS 7 user is able to install tesseract 3.0.4 which also automatically installs leptonica 1.72. And if you want to install the higher or the latest version of tesseract you’ve to install both of them from source.

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Laravel Mailables gives us a huge advantage for sending Markdown template messages.

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Some times we need write a really complex sql queries. Fortunately Laravel gives us such possibility: