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How to use Git Submodule (Repository within a Repository)

In some projects we might need to have one or more third party libraries/packages or even our external reusable package(s) from a different repository.

How to remove a file from Git history but keep it in a project

Sometime happen that we forget properly configure .gitignore file and keep tracking some file with sensitive data.

How to prettify bash output for Git on unix (oh-my-bash)

For this we need to install next open-source package:

How to prepare deploy key for GitHub on Linux

How to manage multiple GitHub accounts using git on Windows and fix git push with wrong user name

Sometimes it happen when we have to use multiple GitHub accounts on a single machine, but it quite tricky to handle in a proper way. Let me describe full steps including some issues I’ve faced and its fixes.

Git – team dev workflow – sticky notes

How to install Git v2.* on CentOS 7