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How to make a full page reload from Livewire component

Actually, it’s really simple. Just return redirect(url()->previous()) from the Livewire component.

How to fix SSL problem in old macOS

Rename /etc/ssl/cert.pem to something else.

How to login via SSH without password

Login to local machine where passwordless login should be used from

How to Wake-On-LAN / Wake-On-WAN on ubuntu

Pepare Install required tool: Get ethernet interface Let’s assume it’s enp1s0 Check if the WOL is available: Set WOL on: After sudo ethtool enp1s0 the Wake-on: d should be changed to Wake-on: g But this will be reset after reboot, so: Make it permanent via service Get the ethtool executable’s full path by running which […]

How to use Git Submodule (Repository within a Repository)

In some projects we might need to have one or more third party libraries/packages or even our external reusable package(s) from a different repository.

How install & configure Squid Proxy Server on CentOS

Install To install Squid Proxy Server use next commands:

How to remove a file from Git history but keep it in a project

Sometime happen that we forget properly configure .gitignore file and keep tracking some file with sensitive data.

How to run Python web apps on CentOS using mod_wsgi for apache

How to create your own Stream Recording Server and make a loop recording of your IP Camera (Full instruction)

If you’ve an IP Camera (or cameras) and want to loop record the stream it provides, or record a snapshot images at some intervals, or just both, then you’ve come to the right place!

How to prepare a new HDD on Linux in exFAT file system type (create partition, format it and mount disk permanently) – Full instruction